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Tamarind Kernel Powder

Tamarind Kernel Powder
1) Tamarind Gum Powder
  • Naturally processed
  • Medicinal application
  • Industrial application

Polysaccharide can be extract from Tamarind Seeds which will be more usable for Cosmetics.Tamarind
Seeds are used in Indian Medicine for Gastric/Digestion problems and Cardio protective activity.

A new bio material derived from Tamarind Seeds could help Regrow damaged Nerves in the Brain and
Spinal-chord. According to Recent discovery says that if we take a tea spoon of Tamarind Powder early in
the morning, will helped to sustained Sugar level for Diabetic Patients and also it reducing the cholesterol
levels in the Body. Tamarind Juice acts as a mild Laxative. Starch made from Tamarind Seed is mainly
used in Textile units and Plywood Industries. It will be the Cheapest for Starch based Adhesives.
Commercially both Industries are bulk Consumers.

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