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Cassia Tora Seed

Cassia Tora Seed

Our cassia tora seeds are hard to beat in their quality and affordability. These cassia tora seeds are available into many ranges such as cassia tora seed and natural cassia tora seeds. They are bold andsmall seeds. These seeds are also shiny and are duly machine cleaned. Our products are worthy for export because of our focus on safe packing.The seeds, ground with sour buttermilk, are used to ease the irritation of itchy eruptions.Seeds are sometimes employed as a substitute for coffee and also in adulterating it. 

We will supply export quality clean cassia tora seed. We supply minimum 99 % purity cleaned cassia,
3-5 % black seed maximum and maximum 8 % moisture.

Scientific Name
  • Cassia tora linn
Herb description
  • A stout, erect, smooth and rank-smelling herb
  • Half-woody annual which is one meter or less in height
  • The leaves are 8 to 12 centimeters long and pinnately compound with 6 leaflets
  • The leaves are furnished with glands on the main rachis between the leaflets
  • The leaflets are obovate to oblong-obovate and 2 to 5 centimeters long
  • The flowers are crowded, in pairs, in the axils of the upper leaves
  • The pods are slender, up to 15 centimeters long, and 3 to 4 millimeters thick
  • The seeds are flattened in the same direction as the pod

Chemical composition
  • The leaves have the following percentage composition: water
  • 72.2 percent; petroleum ether extract
  • 9.75 per cent; ether extract
  • 0.86 per cent; absolute alcohol extract
  • 1.63 per cent; watery extract, 20 per cent
  • These solutions are precipitated by hydrochloric acid
  • The precipitate has a close analogy to chrysophanic acid

  • As a remedy for ringworm and scabies
  • In the form of paste, with limejuice, for ringworm
  • Prescribed in the form of decoction for children while teething
  • As a poultice or hasten suppuration
  • As a mild purgative or as a cure for coughs
  • For dysentery and ophthalmia
Cassia Tora Seed different Name: 
  • Popular Nam(s): Cassia Tora, Foetid Cassia, Tora, Sickle Senna, Wild Senna, Sickle Pod, Coffee Pod
  • Hindi         : Charota an Chakvad
  • Gujarati     : Puwad , Kawaria
  • Bengali      : Chakunda
  • Malayalam : Chakramandrakam
  • Sanskrit     : Chakramarda & Dadmari
  • Chinese, pinyin : jué míng zi , 决明子
  • Japanese   : ebisu-gusa, エビスグサ
  • Korean       : Gyeolmyeongja, 결명자;
  • Portuguese : fedegoso

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